Aug 20

My experience in Tanzania

7 weeks in Tanzania.. they went by soo fast..!

I went to Dar es Salaam in july and august 2010 to visit rafiki yangu (= my friend, Tanzanian girl)) who was getting married!!
Next to spending time with her and enjoying the country I had my mind set on doing volunteer work. It was hard though to find an organization which offers affordable volunteer work options. I was happy to find XS21World; this organization is really refreshing in the web of the many commercial volunteer-organizations.

For a very reasonable price, XS21World offers internships and volunteer work connections in Tanzania, providing you the full package of a host family, help with visas, swahili classes, etc.

What is so special about them is the friendly, personal approach. The package is fixed, but anything is possible, and they are happy to make you a tailormade offer. Selma really takes time to meet you personally in Holland before you leave. Her enthusiasm, genuine interest and involvement in your trip are inspiring and of great help for the preparation. In Dar es Salaam the sweet Athman Hamza is always there for you, he will be your first, and probably one of your best friends!

My hostfamily was my friend’s family. I can really recommend staying with a hostfamily in Tanzania because no matter who’s house I visited, they all make you feel so welcome. And its ofcourse the best way to experience the local culture.

Tanzanians are very sweet people, humble but proud of their culture, openminded and they love to party! I felt very safe in Dar es Salaam during day and night. Its always busy outside and people are willing to help you with anything, without harrassing you. Even in the chaotic traffic it is hard to get a Tanzanian angry.

I didnt get much chance to be a tourist (only went to Zanzibar and did a walking safari in Arusha National Parc – both amazing!) but Bongo, Dar es Salaam, really kept me entertained for 7 weeks J

I volunteered for Afriroots, a tour organizer located on the beautiful peninsula Kigamboni. As my time was limited (a Tanzanian weding consists of 5 parties and lots of preparation work) I wasnt able to work as much as planned. If you stay longer though, Afriroots will definately be an inspiring workplace. They might take you on safaris and you will be able to learn a lot from them.

Im jealous of anyone going to Tanzania ;)

Lidwine Bausch