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Stichting XS21World was founded in 2005 by Selma Steenhuisen and Ludger Middendorp. Inspired by our personal experience with living and working in Tanzania we wanted to enable others to do the same. Our exchange programs in 2006 and 2007 sent around 50 youth to volunteer both in Tanzania and Netherlands.

We don’t pretend to have solutions for poverty and inequality. We do believe that by involving many talented youth in exchange programs and internships more good ideas and solutions will arise. Moreover, we think that some of the problems in our Western society might find their solution in Africa. Experience teaches that many of our former participants remain engaged and start their own projects. We try to support them as much as we can.

At XS21World we use two means, volunteerism and cultural exchange, to reach our aim: personal development of the participants. With volunteerism we mean that you work towards a good cause – better society, education, healthcare, and environment – without asking anything in return. It is an excellent way to discover your talents and your passion. With cultural exchange we mean that you dive into another culture. By living in a host family, learning the language, the customs and history you widen your horizon. You begin to understand why other people are different from you and still similar! Both volunteerism and cultural exchange contribute to your personal development. You discover your talents, find out what you like to do, and perhaps even get a better idea of how you see your future.

Friends of XS21World

Afriroots, social & eco tourism in Dar es Salaam, Selous and other parks Right to Play, organisation that uses sports and play for child development Xplore, Dutch subsidy program for intercultural exchanges Business Times Ltd, Tanzanian Media House Hekima Waldorf School, KG and Primary Waldorf school in Dar es Salaam    

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Our mission is to create a learning environment that equips individuals to contribute to the betterment of a global society. Through our programs we aim to establish networks that enable individuals to self-realize contribute and initiate changes. XS21World wants to be of support to her (former) participants who start their own projects, and provide them …

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XS21World is run by people who have had an inspiring experience volunteering or working with volunteers and we want to make that experience possible for as many others as we can. This is who we are:   .   . .  

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