On this page you find some practical information that will help you prepare your trip, internship or vacation to Tanzania.

Getting prepared

Before you leave for Tanzania a few things need to be organized. You need a visa from the Tanzanian Consulate, and it is very important to take the right health precautions. Don’t forget your health insurance also. Here you find an overview of everything you have to do before departure and some practical advise for …

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Health Prevention

Remaining healthy during your travels is very important. You will have to pay extra attention to your health. We have a few tips for you: The Tanzanian climate is tropical which slows everything down. You won’t be able to get the same amount of work done in a day. Take it easy and adapt to …

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Tanzania is relatively safe for tourists. That does not mean that nothing ever happens. Make sure you pay attention to the following issues: – Don’t exchange money in the streets. Never accept drugs from anyone. Mind your belongings in busy places like bus stations, markets, at the beach. – Divide your money so that if …

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Staying in touch

Phone & E-mail Buying a Tanzanian SIM card is the easiest way of staying in touch both with your host family and job in Tanzania and with friends and family back home. The rates are very affordable. Calling Tanzania from outside can be cheaper while using skype or phone providers that focus on the international …

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The dala dala is the most common means of public transport. You recognize them as a somewhat older white mini bus with at least twice as many people as it has seats. A dala dala costs around 30 eurocent per ride. There are fixed routes around the city. Your buddy will tell you all you …

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Your Host Family

During your internship you are hosted by your Host Family. They welcome you when you first arrive, help you to get around and involve you in their family life. Being part of Tanzanian family life you experience and learn about the culture inside out. You are hosted in proper and safe local houses in the …

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