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Staying in touch

Phone & E-mail

Buying a Tanzanian SIM card is the easiest way of staying in touch both with your host family and job in Tanzania and with friends and family back home. The rates are very affordable.

Calling Tanzania from outside can be cheaper while using skype or phone providers that focus on the international market.

Internet café’s are all over town and cost around € 1 per hour. More and more café’s provide Internet calling services (voip) for cheap international calls.

Snail Mail

Mail can be send to The Netherlands from a local post office. You can look up the post office near you using google maps. Take into account that mail usually takes 1 – 2 weeks from Tanzania to Holland and 2 – 4 weeks from Holland to Tanzania. You can use the PO box of XS21World Tanzania to receive mail during your stay in Tanzania or you can also ask your host family if they have a mailbox that you can use to receive mail from home.