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Getting prepared

Before you leave for Tanzania a few things need to be organized. You need a visa from the Tanzanian Consulate, and it is very important to take the right health precautions. Don’t forget your health insurance also. Here you find an overview of everything you have to do before departure and some practical advise for during your stay.



As a general rule you can bring 20 kg of luggage and 10 kg of hand luggage on your flight. It might seem little but it is really enough. Don’t bring more than the necessary and make sure you are comfortable carrying your luggage. Check your ticket for the number of kilos. Luggage limits may …

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Travel Insurance

While participating in an XS21World program you are obliged to have a travel insurance. Check this prior to your departure and hand a copy of your policy to XS21World. It is always important to have a suitable cancellation- and travel/volunteer insurance when you go abroad. Many travel insurances do not cover (voluntary) work, internships or …

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Most vaccinations are effective for a number of years. You can get them in the country of your residence before departure. The following precautions are a general advice, people with health problems or who plan to stay long need a personalized advice. Vaccinations: – Yellow Fever – Cholera – DTP (recommended) – Hepatitis A (recommended) …

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Visa & Workpermit

A visa is required when traveling to Tanzania. There are three ways of obtaining a visa. Beforehand at the Tanzanian consulate in your country of residence. Or through a visa agency that you pay for their services. Alternatively you can obtain one at the customs upon your arrival in Tanzania. Fees for a three month …

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