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As a general rule you can bring 20 kg of luggage and 10 kg of hand luggage on your flight. It might seem little but it is really enough. Don’t bring more than the necessary and make sure you are comfortable carrying your luggage. Check your ticket for the number of kilos. Luggage limits may differ per airline.

Practical tip: use a small bag pack for hand luggage on the plane. You can use this as your daypack in Tanzania. Bring your toothbrush etc. on board in case your luggage gets displaced or arrives with a later plane. Always carry your valuables in your hand luggage. Special money belts are available if you want to wear your money and passport under your clothes.


- Ticket, passport, visa, vaccination booklet. Scan all your documents and store them online, this helps you when they go missing.

- Insurance policy. Don’t forget to leave these details with your family.

- Traveler Cheques or cash. There are many ATM’s all over the country that accept VISA and MAESTRO.

- Sunglasses and sun lotion

- First Aid: plasters, painkillers, medication for diarrhea and ORS, insect repellent, malaria tablets, condoms etc.

- Light shoes for in the city, boots if you are planning to go hiking.

- Light cotton or linen clothes, including long sleeves and legs. Keep in mind that professional clothing is appreciated in Tanzania.

- Other personal belongings: camera, i-pod, pen and paper, addresses, notebook, cosmetics, phone and travel guide.

- Present for your host family.