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Tanzania is relatively safe for tourists. That does not mean that nothing ever happens. Make sure you pay attention to the following issues:

- Don’t exchange money in the streets. Never accept drugs from anyone. Mind your belongings in busy places like bus stations, markets, at the beach.
- Divide your money so that if you get robbed you don’t loose everything.
- Travel during the day when possible. This is always safer than during the night. Listen to advise from locals.
- Traveling as a woman alone is not a problem. You might however encounter many men that want to have a chat with you. Try to wear clothes that cover your skin.

The website of your ministry of foreign affairs shares the latest information on safety in Tanzania.

If you loose your passport or other valuables have a police report made at the police station. You will need this to get the money back from your insurance company. When you loose your passport you need to contact your embassy.


Make sure to leave your contact details with your family back home. Give them the phone number of your host family and of the XS21World office. For medical emergencies you can contact the emergency center of your insurance directly. Leave this number and your client number with your family back home.

Always inform XS21World of emergencies.