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The dala dala is the most common means of public transport. You recognize them as a somewhat older white mini bus with at least twice as many people as it has seats. A dala dala costs around 30 eurocent per ride. There are fixed routes around the city. Your buddy will tell you all you need to know during your introduction days.

For the long distance travels you find tour busses that take you to and from the big cities around Tanzania. They depart from Ubungo, the big bus terminal in Dar es Salaam. Tickets can be bought at the terminal. A ticket to Arusha (600 km) costs around € 15.

Between Lake Victoria and Zambia is a train service called TAZAM. The speed is not very high and while passing Selous, the biggest nature reserve, you can see all the wildlife passing by. The train has sleeping compartments. The schedule is very irregular but the view is worth the hassle.

If you want to drive in Tanzania contact your local authorities for an international driver’s license.