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Your Host Family

During your internship you are hosted by your Host Family. They welcome you when you first arrive, help you to get around and involve you in their family life. Being part of Tanzanian family life you experience and learn about the culture inside out. You are hosted in proper and safe local houses in the city of your internship.

Your host family plays an important part during your internship. They make you feel home and welcome in their house and show you the Tanzanian way of doing things. Cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping, you will see that their way of life is different from yours in many ways. We take great care to find you a warm family where you can feel at home. You will most likely share a room with your buddy, a mosquito net is provided for by the family.

Sanitary facilities are usually different from what you know. Not all neighborhoods have running water and if they have, it is not always available. At times of drought there are power cuts that can last between few minutes and whole days.

It requires some effort from everyone in the house, including you, to make your stay a success. While they try to accommodate you as their guest, you will have to respect their ways of living and adapt. You might find that you have less privacy with many people coming to visit. Try to keep your belongings tidy, your host is not a hostel! Inform them of your whereabouts and if you will be coming for dinner. Be open about what you experience and invest in a good relationship with your host family. If you encounter any problems, try to solve it with your host but don’t hesitate to ask XS21World for advice.